We are a professional Long-lasting Insecticidal Mosquito Nets supplier in China, one of the most experienced suppliers and wholesalers of mosquito netting for public health, travel/outdoor application and U.N. tenders. AGICO's expertise is rooted in over 7 years of history. Our key clients include malaria control projects, UN agencies, international NGOs, businesses and travelers around the world. AGICO is committed to improving the lives of people through effective and innovative products that fight diseases like malaria and offer consumers durable protection from insects wherever they are. Furthermore, we believe that business, social, and environmental performance are inextricably linked, a commitment that is demonstrated in our corporate social responsibility guidelines.

  Our impregnated mosquito nets are designed to provide the maximum possible protection against mosquitoes, malaria, paludisme, and bed bugs under almost any conditions. We are one of the few companies in Asia that specialize in the manufacture and supply of rectangular and/or conical mosquito nets. Nets can be custom made according to your unique specifications. 100% Polyester with a mesh size of 156 or 196 holes per square inch. Nets are supplied to wholesalers, importers, as well as to many countries in Africa. Untreated nets are available upon request. AGICO NET is a supplier of high quality Mosquito Nets. The company has been operational since 2004 as distributor of mosquito nets in Africa, Southeast Asia, and Central America. Although mosquito nets are made to fit these standard sizes, we can also custom make nets to any size to suit your specific requirements. Intensive market research has proved that the consumer prefers to sleep under a rectangular and/or conical mosquito net. Untreated nets are available upon request at a lower cost. The treatment used is Deltamethrine and is effective for 3 to 5 years/21 washes. It repels and kills mosquitoes unlike an untreated net. Mosquito nets are effective in combating malaria and to keep people safe from spiders, snakes, scorpions, flies, and other insects.